Teen driving resources for parents

Keeping Your Teen Safe

Learning to drive is an exciting moment in one's life, but it can also be costly for parents with teen drivers. Furthermore, safety concerns can quickly make the process feel overwhelming. Thankfully, AIS can help. Our insurance specialists have years of experience assisting parents insure their teen drivers.

Understanding Teen Auto Insurance

As parents, it's important to be well informed before your teen gets behind the wheel. Luckily, AIS has years of experience helping parents ensure their teen drivers have the proper level of coverage. Specific regulations regarding teen auto insurance can vary depending on multiple factors, so always speak with an insurance specialist before making any policy changes. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Teen Drivers

Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

Keeping your teen driver safe on the road will require you to give them the proper guidance for establishing safety precautions.

Discuss the following with your teen when speaking about safety to keep them protected.

  • Properly review when, where, how, and with whom your teen can drive.
  • To reduce distractions, limit the number of passengers allowed in your teen's car.
  • Establish a curfew to keep your teen from driving during high-risk times.
  • Remind your teen about the importance of wearing their seatbelt.
  • Set driving-range limits to prevent distant accidents.
  • Prohibit driving under the influence—or riding with friends who are.
  • Avoid distracted driving by not texting, eating, or using the phone while driving.

Understanding Teen Driver Restrictions in Your State

Teen driving laws can vary greatly depending on where you live. From driving restrictions to passenger information, it's important to understand any teen driver restrictions in your state. Use the table below to quickly review your state's teen driver restrictions. 

Alabama Hawaii Michigan North Carolina Utah
Alaska Idaho Minnesota North Dakota Vermont
Arizona Illinois Mississippi Ohio Virginia
Arkansas Indiana Missouri Oklahoma Washington
California Iowa Montana Oregon West Virginia
Colorado Kansas Nebraska Pennsylvania Wisconsin
Connecticut Kentucky Nevada Rhode Island Wyoming
Delaware Louisiana New Hampshire South Carolina
District of Columbia
New Jersey South Dakota
Florida Maryland New Mexico Tennessee
Georgia Massachusetts New York Texas

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